Advantages of a Curbless Shower 

Considering a bathroom remodel? Curbless showers, also known as open concept showers, are a great replacement for the traditional tub/shower combo, especially for homeowners looking to age in place, pet owners and families with young children. Or if your current bathroom is lacking in space, a curbless shower can give the room a more spacious look and feel.  Not sure if an open concept shower is right for your home? Let’s weigh the pros and cons. 

Pros of a Curbless Shower 

  • As we mentioned above, a curbless shower is great for homeowners who are getting older or those with physical disabilities that make stepping over the threshold difficult. Open concept showers can also be constructed for wheelchair accessibility.
  • Open concept showers in smaller bathrooms maximize space visually. And if you’re replacing an old school tub/shower combination, you may actually gain some square footage. 
  • Curbless showers are easier to clean. No more leaning over a tub scrubbing those hard-to-reach sides. Spray with a commercial bathroom cleanser, use a household mop to wipe down the sides and floor, then give everything a quick rinse with the shower nozzle and you’re done.  
  • Beautiful tile or stonework is often hidden behind a shower curtain or door. 

Removing the need for a traditional enclosure allows the beauty of your custom design to shine, creating a new focal point as there is no longer a visual barrier.

Cons to Installing an Open Concept Shower 

  • Loss of privacy is probably the number one complaint when it comes to a curbless shower. One option is to include a pony wall or a curved opaque glass block full wall.  And while a curtain could be installed, frankly it takes away from the overall general concept. That’s why it’s so important during the initial design phase to angle the shower entrance away from the bathroom door and the rest of the room’s common area. 
  • An open concept shower can take the phrase “cold shower” to a whole new level. Since there is nothing to hold the heat in from the hot water, it can be a bit chilly once the water is turned off. If that is a concern, talk to your contractor about the advantages of adding heating cables
  • It is vitally important that your curbless shower is professionally installed so you don’t encounter problems with water leaking. The tilt of the drain has to be precise. All materials need to be correctly sealed and grouted. Even the size, design and placement of the shower head must be taken into consideration. 

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