Decorating on a Budget

You want your home to look and feel fabulous and if you’re like most of us you also want to get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to changing your décor, especially if you like to switch things up seasonally. Check out these great tips for stretching your decorating dollars. 

  • Love your coffee table but tired of how dated it looks? Don’t ditch it…paint it! Most coffee tables, end tables and couch consoles can easily be given a new lease on life with nothing more than a couple cans of spray paint and a little imagination. 
  • Yes, over the years you’ve thought many times that tired old linoleum floor has to go, but it’s so costly and messy to replace. Not if you decide on today’s vinyl peel and stick flooring tiles which come in designs that mimic stone, marble, granite, hardwood and contemporary patterns and colors. This is an easy DIY weekend project that saves money, looks great and can last up to 25 years depending on wear and tear. And you can also use peel and stick tiles to create a personalized backsplash or unique accent wall.  
  • Not everything has to be purchased new. Spend an afternoon browsing your local home consignment store, downtown antique/junk shop, neighborhood thrift store or plan a Saturday flea market and yard sale adventure. This is a great way to find one of a kind lamps, rugs and decorative room accessories.
  • A formal dining room used only on holidays is so passé, so why are you still dusting that heavy wooden table, matching chairs and china hutch? Create a comfortable casual look and feel in your dining room, eat-in kitchen, or breakfast nook by bringing outdoor furniture into the equation. Relatively inexpensive and since they are built to handle the elements, spills and crumbs are no match, making them super easy to care for. 
  • Go green! Nothing brightens up a space like healthy green plants. Plus larger plants like corn plants, ficus, and certain types of palm trees can easily and economically fill up an empty corner. One smart tip to keep your indoor plants looking good is to rotate them with some of your traditional outdoor potted plants. Just make sure the indoor plants can handle the extra sun and warmer weather. Then since many summer outdoor plants are bloomers, bringing them inside for short periods of time allows to you to enjoy pops of color courtesy of Mother Nature. 

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