Deep Clean Your Dishwasher

Lately when you’ve been running the dishwasher the dishes aren’t looking as clean as they once were. And there seems to be an unpleasant odor along with lots of nasty gunk built up around the dishwasher seal, racks and bottom of the tub. Dishwashers work hard fighting grease, stuck on food and burnt on pan scrapings and most major appliance manufacturers recommend a monthly cleaning.

  • Begin by cleaning out the bottom drain. Take out the bottom dishwasher rack and check the drain, removing any large particles clogging the drain cover.
  • Detach the filter at the bottom of the tub and rinse thoroughly. Soak in a bowl of warm soapy water for about 15 minutes, scrub with an old toothbrush, rinse again and reinstall.
  • Using a non-scratch scrubber sponge, scour both the top and bottom racks and cutlery holder. Use that old toothbrush to get into all those tight spots and small holes. Let the racks air dry while you clean the interior bottom and sides of the dishwasher.
  • Take an old towel and soak up all excess water from the bottom of the tub. Now spray the entire inside of the machine with an all-purpose cleaner. Let sit for a few minutes then wipe down all surfaces until dry.
  • Now it’s time to tackle the “hidden” interior area of the dishwasher. This is the spot where the frame meets the counter and can’t be seen when the door is closed. Spray this space along with the rubber door gasket with all-purpose cleanser, wait a few minutes, then wipe clean.
  • Finish up by sanitizing the entire dishwasher by filling the detergent cup with baking soda and running the sanitize cycle. If your machine isn’t equipped with a dedicated sanitizing feature, use the hot water cycle. The mix of baking soda and super hot water will deodorize your machine along with removing any lingering stains.
  • Wipe down the front of the dishwasher, the handle and the instrument pane and you’re done! Now set up a repeat monthly reminder on your phone to keep your dishwasher sparkling clean and fresh.

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