Don’t Let a Home Emergency Delay Closing

Appliances break, pipes leak and HVAC units stop working; it’s a fact of life and homeownership. And the last thing anyone needs is a home repair problem to surface days or even hours before a scheduled closing. When this occurs don’t let it derail your carefully orchestrated plan.  has experienced professionals in a wide range of disciplines to quickly repair everything from home inspection deficiencies to last minute problems.

The day before or the morning of your closing, standard practice is for the buyer, along with their real estate agent, to do a final walk-through of the residence. This is to ensure all prior repairs have been completed, the seller’s personal property has been removed and that everything the buyer and seller agreed would remain, such as appliances and window treatments, are still in place. For many buyers this can be the most stressful part of the entire homebuying process. Unexpected problems do arise and the last thing anyone wants at this point is for the closing to be delayed or possibly even fall through.

Perhaps a heavy rain caused the basement to flood or the air conditioning compressor decided to go kaput, one call to Closing Contractor can immediately begin all necessary repairs or depending on the complexity of the situation, provide a competitive cost estimate. If the repairs cannot be completed before the scheduled closing, then a repair escrow may be established and a timeframe set up for the work to be finished.

Closing Contractor is here to assist in all home repairs no matter how challenging. We understand how valuable your time is and have included an easy online form for your convenience. Just fill in all the requested information and we’ll take it from there. It’s that simple. But if you have questions or simply like talking to a real live human being, then please don’t hesitate to call us at 864-326-2640.

Closing Contractor

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