Five Signs Your Home May Need to be Rewired

Just as with your roof, appliances and flooring, over time your home’s electrical wiring can become worn and potentially dangerous. If you begin to notice any of the following problems don’t delay in calling a reputable electrician for a thorough inspection.

  • If a flickering bulb continues even after being replaced, the light fixture itself could be at fault, or this could be a sign of a more serious problem.
  • Over time electrical outlets, especially those frequently used, can become loose. Generally replacing the outlet will solve the problem. But if there is still a great deal of “wiggle room,” or if the outlet begins to buzz, sizzle or overheat when an appliance or light is plugged in or turned on, stop using the outlet immediately.
  • A tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse is a safety feature designed to prevent electrical fires. As the electrical system ages or if your home was constructed pre-modern electronics, chances are you may not have enough overall amperage for your current needs. Faulty appliances or things causing an outlet to overheat (such as a space heater) can also trigger a circuit interruption. While a circuit breaker tester can determine outlet health, if the problem continues, even after the outlet has been replaced, you may have bad wiring.
  • Any time you experience an electrical shock when plugging in an appliance, turning on anything plugged into an outlet, switching on a light, or using any major appliance, call an electrician immediately. Nothing in your home at any time should ever shock you. This is an indication of a serious problem that could result in an electrical fire, severe physical injury or possibly even death.
  • The older the home the greater the possibly that your home needs to be inspected. The United States Fire Administration has determined homes 50 years old and older are more likely to have poor or damaged electrical wiring insulation and therefore are at a much higher electrical fire risk. Not sure when your home was built? Go online and check your property tax records.

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