From Flat to High Gloss: Selecting the Right Paint

When sprucing up your home not only do you have to decide what color to paint a room but you will also have to determine what finish or sheen works best. From flat to high gloss, and everything in between, here are some simple tips to help with your decision.

  • Flat. With less than 5 percent gloss, surfaces covered with flat paint will not reflect light and can easily cover many imperfections. The one big drawback when using flat is its inability to be cleaned without removing the paint.
  • Matte. Very similar to flat, matte finishes are a bit more reflective, with between 5 to 10 percent gloss. Matte also does not hold up well to heavy cleanings and is best used in rooms with little traffic such as a formal dining room or guest bedroom.
  • Eggshell. Climbing higher up the shiny scale is eggshell with a sheen ratio of 10 to 25 percent. Depending on the condition of your walls, eggshell is a fantastic choice, offering both a slight sheen and the ability to wipe away normal household smudges.
  • Satin. Providing a warmer sophisticated luster, satin has enough of a gloss, 25-35 percent, to stand up to the type of cleaning necessary in high traffic areas including hallways and kids’ rooms. Just be warned, the application must be flawless because roller and brush strokes are easily seen and future touch-ups difficult.
  • Semi-gloss. Sheen can range from between 35 to 75 percent depending on the paint manufacturer. Semi-gloss has a nice shine, is very easy to clean and holds up well in areas where moisture is present such as a kitchen or bathroom. Many professional painters recommend semi-gloss for mouldings, chair rails and trim because of its durability.
  • High-gloss. Bright, shiny and super easy to clean, high-gloss is often used to showcase dramatic architectural areas including cornices, handcrafted crown moulding, cabinetry and columns. Because of its shine, proper wall preparation is essential or every imperfection will be magnified.

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