Got Pets? Tips for Making Your Home Pet Friendly

For many of us our pets are cherished family members. When planning a home remodel or renovation consider these helpful tips to make your pet even more comfortable while retaining your home’s style and character.

  • When installing new cabinetry in the kitchen, laundry or mudroom add a built-in feeding station. This lessens the chances of spills, keeps the area neat and can easily be carved out of unused cabinet space.
  • Is Fido crate trained? Add a custom built-in crate underneath a counter or at the bottom of a run of floor to ceiling cabinets. Not crate trained? Then overstuffed dog beds in a variety of shapes, sizes and fabrics can be purchased from a number of big box stores. Remember to select styles with removable outer covers for easy care.
  • Add a pet care station in your laundry or mudroom, whichever room is nearest the primary door your dog uses. Include a deep tub or an abbreviated tiled shower with handheld shower attachment, counter space with outlet access for drying tools and several cabinets for towels and other necessary supplies.
  • While one of the joys of cat ownership is no bathroom walks at midnight in the pouring rain, the trade-off is dealing with their litter pan. Unless you are lucky enough to have a seldom used spare bathroom or easy cat access to the garage, then you are constantly on the hunt for a convenient, yet private space for Fluffy to take care of business. This DIY IKEA hack is genius! Not the handy type? When remodeling don’t forget to include a dedicated space, enclosed if possible, for your cat’s toilette. They will thank you, your nose will thank you, and your guests will thank you.
  • A pet door leading to an enclosed outside area is always practical. Choose from cat doors, dog doors, pet doors for sliding doors, pet doors with weatherstripping and safety locks…the choices are endless!

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