Gutter Cleaning Tips

No matter the season, it’s always a good idea to check your home’s gutters on a regular basis. Leaves, twigs, dirt and other debris can clog the gutters slowing rain and melted ice and snow from draining off the roof. Eventually this may cause water to migrate up under the shingles creating ceiling leaks or the fascia boards to rot, possibly causing interior wall damage. Clogged gutters also allow water to cascade over the gutter sides creating foundation cracks, mold growth, and deterioration to the surrounding landscape.

  • There really is no set timetable on when gutters should be cleaned, as much depends on how many trees are nearby. For homes with very few or no trees then a yearly inspection/cleaning will generally suffice. A residence surrounded by a moderate number of trees will probably need to be checked and cleaned once in the spring, again in the fall while the leaves are falling and then one final cleaning once the trees are bare. For heavily treed lots, gutters may require a weekly fall cleaning and then whenever visible debris is noted throughout the year.
  • Always wear leather, suede or PVC rubber gloves when cleaning out gutter debris as small rodents will often nest in the detritus. Before beginning spread out a plastic tarp on which to deposit the organic material so the surrounding grass and landscaping isn’t damaged.
  • After the majority of material has been removed spray out the trough with a garden hose. This will take care of any remaining dust and dirt and also allow you to see if there is proper water flow draining from the downspouts. If a clog is noted, maneuver the hose up the downspout. Depending on where the clog is located, the force of the water should be enough to clear the spout. Finish the job by checking to ensure all gutter sections and downspouts are securely attached.

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