Help! My New Home has Mold!

You worked with a reputable Realtor; used a home inspector that came highly recommended; but now your new home has mold!

While there is some urgency in beginning the cleanup, you should make contacting your Realtor and home inspector a priority. In June 2013 the South Carolina Residential Property Disclosure Statement was revamped to include toxic mold. But there are several reasons why active mold may be overlooked or not disclosed. The homeowner may truly not be aware they have a problem or they may have done their own removal and cleanup and believe the issue has been resolved. Then again, there are those homeowners who don’t want to spend the money necessary to resolve the problem and intentionally don’t disclose that mold is present.

If it turns out the seller was aware of the problem and knowingly did not disclose it they can be held liable for any and all actual damages along with court costs and possible attorney fees. Just keep in mind, the seller is only responsible for things they know about or reasonably should have knowledge of. Perhaps there was a water leak that was repaired. The seller is not required to cut into the surrounding drywall if there is no indication of mold.

While your Realtor is contacting the seller’s Realtor you need to follow up with your home inspector to see if this was something possibly overlooked. During the home inspection obvious signs of mold and/or water damage should have be noted. Even if mold was not evident, any sign of water damage should have been enough of a red flag for your home inspector to suggest the damaged area be checked out by a licensed contractor or plumber, both for the presence of leaks but also for the possibility of mold. But if after a thorough inspection and a clean report, mold was then discovered, you may want to consider discussing the situation with a real estate attorney.

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