Holiday Storage Tips

As you begin unpacking your holiday decorations you once again swear this year you’ll put more effort into holiday storage organization. No more simply throwing everything into a couple of boxes and hoping Santa’s elves will magically sneak in and take care of all the tangled lights and crushed ornaments. 

The Tips:

  • Begin by saving the packaging that comes with any new decorations you may purchase. This is an easy way to corral those small pieces that could easily get lost especially those that are part of a holiday village scene or nativity set. Keeping the boxes that ornaments come in is especially smart as this keeps them protected and the picture on the box quickly lets you know what’s inside. 
  • While you can easily spend big bucks on custom ornament storage boxes, why not just reuse plastic apple trays? Found cradling apples at most warehouse and grocery stores, they are the perfect size to hold 6, 9 or 12 ornaments. For smaller ornaments, use a Styrofoam or cardboard egg carton. Just clean with an anti-bacterial wipe and let air dry before filling.
  • Cut the end flap off a sturdy cardboard box and wrap your holiday lights around the flap, taping the ends to keep them secure. After they are wrapped, store in plastic bags and write on the bag the location of where the lights are to be hung.  
  • Or for the big outdoor holiday lights, roll the strands around one of those portable hose reels that come with a handle. The reel can hold up to 30 strings of lights,  stay tangle free and best of all when it’s time to hang them, just wheel the hose reel around and unroll as many feet/yards as needed. 
  • Store your holiday candles separate from the rest of the decorations. Pick up a pack of cellophane at a craft store and wrap each candle separately. Then store in the back of the refrigerator or someplace that stays cool year round. 

Closing Contractor would like to wish all our past, current and future clients a very happy holiday season and look forward to being of service in 2020. Please call 864.326.2640 and let us help get your home ready for the New Year. 

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