Home Composting Tips

Creating and maintaining a home composting pile is so much easier than you may think. And considering the United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates 20 to 30 percent of what goes in our landfills are food scraps and yard debris, it just makes good sense to compost.

  • All it takes to begin composting is some sort of contained structure. This can be anything from a store bought plastic compost tumbler to a simple open air wooden box. It is important that whatever you decide to use is able to get plenty of oxygen in order to aid in the decomposition process.
  • It is not necessary to locate your compost bin in an obscure corner of the backyard. As long as you don’t add fleshy protein, oils or fats, pet waste, dairy products, diseased yard material, or pressure-treated wood chips or sawdust, and turn your compost matter on a regular basis, there should be little to no unpleasant odor.
  • After your bin is in place it’s now time start layering the basics necessary for composting: browns, greens and water. Begin with the browns: dead or dried leaves, small branches, twigs and tree bark. Then add a layer of greens: coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells, vegetable and fruit scraps and grass clippings. Your browns and greens should be added in equal amounts. Spray water over the entire pile, taking care not to saturate it; you want it just wet enough to help break down the organic matter.
  • Once a week use a garden fork or shovel and stir the entire pile in order to keep it aerated, unless you are using an enclosed compost tumbler, which will need to be turned more frequently.
  • As you continue to mix you will begin to see the matter at the bottom of the pile has become dark brown and looks like fine rich soil. Congratulations! You have compost!

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