HVAC Energy Saving Tips

On/off. On/off. On/off…everyday 24/7 from June through October. Yes, we’re talking about your HVAC system. And for most of us that means sticker shock when we open our monthly electric bill. Get the most out of your system along with hopefully saving a couple of bucks by checking out these popular energy saving tips. 

  • Ceiling fans are your friends…just remember to change the blade direction at the start of spring/summer and fall/winter. Hot air rises and without constant air circulation the air becomes stagnate causing a room to feel and smell stuffy and stale. Installing a ceiling fan will keep the air circulating. Whether hardwiring a ceiling fan or using a plug-in box fan, it is important to remember fans only create a cooling sensation, they don’t actually change a room’s temperature  like an air conditioner does. So when you leave a room, turn the fan off, or you’re simply wasting energy. 
  • Get out of your thermostat “comfort zone.” Just because you’ve always kept it set at a certain temperature doesn’t mean it won’t be comfortable a couple degrees warmer. Take baby steps and increase it one degree at a time until you reach the highest temperature setting you and your family can agree upon. Try it for a month and see if there isn’t a reduction in your power bill. Also, chances are after a month, you won’t notice the difference in temperature.  
  • Keep your HVAC unit maintained for maximum efficiency. Schedule regular maintenance with a service provider you trust. Vacuum your interior vents and change the filters regularly. Don’t block air intake vents or the floor or wall registers.
  • Avoid placing any heat producing appliances, lighting fixtures, computers or televisions near the thermostat as the heat these items emit may cause the thermostat to falsely sense a higher interior temp, causing the HVAC unit to run longer than necessary. 
  • Proper insulation isn’t just for cold weather. Since hot air rises it’s important to check your attic insulation every couple of years. Energy Star, a program jointly managed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, works to promote energy efficiency. On their website are detailed instructions on how to check your attic insulation level to ensure you have sufficient insulation no matter what the weather.

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