Is It Time to Replace Your Washing Machine Hoses?

One day you drop a lone sock behind the washing machine and as you contort yourself around to grab it you notice a large bulge in one of the hoses; that is a washer hose ready to burst. Or you hear a pop, then a gushing sound, and see water pouring across the laundry room floor. Ruptured washing machine hoses can release up to 500 gallons of water per hour and are one of the most common causes of water damage in homes. 

There are numerous reasons washing machine hoses fail, beginning with the traditional rubber hoses most machines are initially installed with. Over time the rubber loses flexibility, becomes dry and brittle, and can cause the hose to split with no warning. When purchasing a new washing machine, even if there is an upcharge, insist on having braided stainless steel hose lines installed, then inspect monthly and plan on replacing every three to five years. 

If the washing machine is off balance and moves a great deal while being used extra stress is placed on both the hoses and the connections. While you may love your shower’s water pressure it’s important to keep in mind that’s the same amount of pressure your washer hoses experience and eventually the hoses will fail from the constant rise and fall of the pressure. Hear a “thunk” when the washing machine finishes filling and the water shuts off? That is called a water hammer and is basically a shockwave running through your washer pipes. This intense surge of pressure can cause the hoses to fail without warning.  

Perhaps the hoses look fine but you’ve begun noticing small water leaks and rust or discoloration around the screw-on hose to valve connection. This usually indicates worn o-ring washers inside the hose attachment. If it’s gotten to the point where the o-rings are beginning to deteriorate, chances are the rubber hoses are also on their last legs and it would be prudent to replace both. 

Not sure about the age or condition of your washing machine hoses? Start 2020 off right by replacing them. Connect with Closing Contractor today and we’ll take care of everything

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