Is Your Ceiling Fan Rotating in the Right Direction?

Gone are the days when ceiling fans were all cut from the same mold, with size being the only difference. Today’s ceiling fan selection is as varied as just about any other home feature. But no matter the size, shape, color or blade design they all still do the same thing: help to cool the air while reducing your energy bill. If fact, research by Consumer Reports determined using a ceiling fan in the summer can make the room feel up to 4 degrees cooler and fan manufacturers estimate ceiling fan usage can reduce energy costs by 15%. Depending on the height of your ceiling, the hardest part of changing your blade rotation from clockwise to counterclockwise, might be finding a ladder tall enough to reach the little switch on the side of the fan motor casing. Just remember to turn the fan off and allow the blades to completely stop before making any adjustments. 

Getting maximum benefits from your ceiling fan, especially during the summer months depends on the fan blades rotating in the correct direction: counterclockwise during the warmer months, clockwise when the weather turns cool. To check your fan set the blade rotation to the slowest speed. Turn the fan on and stand nearby to see which way the blades are moving. Also, if the fan blades are in the correct position you should be able to feel the cool breeze. Then for the winter just reverse the switch setting back so that the blades will be rotating clockwise. A good rule of thumb is to change your ceiling fan blade rotation when you switch your HVAC system over from A/C to heat. 

So now that we’ve told the how, let’s get to the why. The science behind ceiling fan blade technology isn’t that difficult to understand. If you look at your ceiling fan blades you’ll see the blades are slightly curved with one edge hanging lower than the other. As the blades spin, air is pushed or swept toward the back edge. Setting your ceiling fan blades to turn counterclockwise works to push air down from the ceiling. This air isn’t any cooler than the ambient room temperature but the breeze creates a cooling wind chill effect. 

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