Is Your HVAC Doing Its Job?

What is going on with Mother Nature? Rainy and cool one day, then temps in the high 80’s the next! It’s not unusual to have heat on in the morning, the A/C on in the afternoon and all those fluctuates can make it difficult to regulate your home’s interior temperature. Not to mention the strain on your HVAC system.

Frequent system cycling, often caused by quickly switching your thermostat from one setting to the other, can allow the air conditioning compressor to short-cycle, which in turn may cause the circuit breaker to trip. While many of today’s modern systems have built-in anti short-cycle timers, this isn’t something you want occurring on a regular basis as it puts extra stress on the entire HVAC system and increases energy costs. Short cycling may also be caused by blocked air flow around the compressor, electrical problems, a dirty air filter, or a system that is too large for the home’s square footage.

CHANGE YOUR FILTER! A dirty air filter can cause a multitude of problems all which ultimately will make your unit work much harder and cause your power bill to increase. A clean filter is especially important for those with respiratory conditions including seasonal allergies and asthma; not to mention causing uneven cooling and the real possibly of either or both the outside compressor and inside coils freezing.

Whether your system is brand new or ten years old, considering purchasing a bi-yearly maintenance service contract. This will insure your HVAC is running properly at the beginning of each season. Also twice a year check-ups by a licensed and reputable technician can often save you money in the long run by detecting and correcting minor issues before they turn into larger more expensive problems.

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