Keeping Your Pool Summer Ready

The lazy hazy days of summer are definitely here and if you are one of the many Upstate families with a backyard pool, I bet it has already been getting lots of use. And while you always skim the leaves, check the PH and make sure the filters aren’t clogged, here are some additional tips for keeping your pool sparkling clean.

  • There is nothing worse than that yucky slimy buildup around the side of the pool. Wiping down the tile once a week along with keeping the pH at the correct level will reduce those nasty mineral deposits.
  • Get in the habit of checking the area around the pool’s perimeter for standing water. This may be an indication of an interior concrete crack or faulty O-ring. A leak may also be to blame if you begin to notice broken tiles, corrosion around the pump or pipes, excessive chemical loss, or if you utilize an automatic water fill device and see a higher than normal water bill.
  • Any algae free pool is a happy pool! Don’t plant a garden too close to your pool. Don’t allow your four-legged friends to use the grassy area near the pool as their bathroom and also keep fertilizer, pest sprays and other chemicals away from the water. Nitrates from certain chemicals and animal droppings will cause pool algae to flourish.
  • Store your pool chemicals out of direct sunlight and away from pets and children. And never place acid and chlorine side by side.
  • The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission strongly suggests installing at least a 4’ fence, though 5’ or higher is better, completely around the entire pool. Make sure the fence gate has an adequate locking system. For homes with children install alarms on all doors leading to the pool. For even more security consider installing a monitored pool cover and a pool alarm with below the surface disturbance sensors.

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