Laminate Wood versus Hardwood Flooring

Whether selecting flooring for new construction or a remodel, no longer is simply color and type of wood the only decisions you’ll need to make. Laminate hardwood flooring, while available in the United States since the early 1990’s, has only recently been reengineered to appear and perform more like traditional real wood flooring.

  • Price-No matter how you run the numbers, real hardwood flooring is always going to be more expensive in both material cost and installation. Because the cost of composite wood is much lower, the materials and process of manufacturing and installing laminate is less expensive.
  • Durability-It may be hard to believe but laminate hardwood is actually more durable than a real wood floor. Laminated wood provides UV protection and is slightly more scratch, scrape and dent resistant, making it a great choice for a young active family or pet owners.
  • Aesthetics-Great strides have been made in laminate wood since the 1970’s when butcher block countertops were all the rage. Today it is often difficult to tell the difference between real hardwood and high-end laminate, though real hardwood devotees believe true wood brings an organic look and feel to a room that a man-made product doesn’t provide.
  • Maintenance-Both will average approximately the same amount of daily/weekly care. Depending on your lifestyle often simply running a dry mop over the floors every couple of days is sufficient. For a household with kids and pets, a daily sweeping or vacuuming may be necessary. When it comes to mopping it is best to select a product specifically created for whichever type of flooring is installed.
  • Repairs-Hardwood floors are much easily to restore or repair those inevitable scratches and marks or when floors become dull due to age and sunlight. Hardwoods can be sanded and refinished several times over the life of the wood and though laminate flooring does come in individual pieces it may be difficult to match due to age, sunlight damage and color lot changes.

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