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It is rare these days to see a home without a back deck. And while for the most part they are functional, just think how much more use you’d get out of that space if it were enclosed. Adding a roof, screening the entire space and even including removable Plexiglas panels not only turns that fair weather only deck into a much more user-friendly living space but will also increase your home’s property value.

Enclosing the entire deck creates a three season porch free from excessive sun, pesky bugs, pouring rain and wind. Enjoy your morning coffee while a gentle rain shower plays out or have evening cocktails away from mosquitoes and those annoying no-see-ums. Then when the weather cools down simply pop in the Plexiglas panels, grab a light sweater and enjoy the extra living space an enclosed porch provides your family.

Begin by figuring out exactly what you want and what best suits your needs. Room for separate seating areas and maybe a porch swing? A play area for your toddler or a semi-private teenage hangout? Unless your current deck is already oversized, consider increasing the footprint. Enclosing your present deck often will make the space seem a bit claustrophobic, so experts generally agree, the bigger, the better.

Next determine your roof line. Flat, gable, peaked or lean-to? While a gable or peaked roof requires rafters and will increase the overall cost, the extra ceiling height adds an airy breezy feel, especially if ceiling fans are installed. Do you want electrical outlets for lighting and perhaps a mini fridge or coffee bar station? How about indoor/outdoor gas fireplace logs? Adding a roof will increase the structural weight, so if the enclosed porch will be replacing the current deck, the foundation will need to be inspected to ensure it is structurally sound.

Ready to take that old worn-out deck to aesthetically pleasing and super functional? Closing Contractor offers no obligation consultations and estimates. Give us a call today at 864.326.2640 to set up an appointment.

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