New and Exciting Thanksgiving Recipes

Tired of the traditional turkey, stuffing and green bean casserole? Then make this year the year you wow the crowd with some delicious new twists on that same old boring holiday meal.  


Everyone likes a little something to nosh on while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or before the big game.  

  • Over the last couple of years Brussels sprouts have become all the rage. But before you turn up your nose and go “yuck” pay attention, because these are wrapped in bacon; and can even be cooked in the air fryer. If you haven’t jumped on the air fryer bandwagon yet, the attached recipe also includes instructions for baking them in the oven. When it comes to a dipping sauce there are a plethora of options from a homemade creamy lemon dip to Martha Stewart’s favorite, a zippy mustard sauce.  
  • How do individual crab salad lettuce cups sound? This is a nice light lead-in to a meal generally carb heavy. And both the crab meat salad and the dressing can be made ahead of time so all that is left is filling the lettuce leaves. 

Main Protein Course 

This category has so many options! Here are some favorites that aren’t the traditional turkey, ham or prime rib. 

  • Braised pork loin with mushrooms and wine is always a big hit both for the main course and later when it’s time for leftovers. Fragrant fresh herbs, fresh mushrooms and Corsican Muscat or Moscato d’Asti wine served over a side dish of polenta will have everyone asking for the recipe. 
  • Perfect for the pasta lover and even better if you are into making your own pasta is this super yummy pumpkin ravioli with sage brown butter recipe. For those without a pasta maker simply pick up some fresh pasta sheets or in a pinch you can even use wonton wrappers. This is definitely a recipe for those who like to cook since it calls for cutting and roasting a fresh pumpkin or winter squash. But it’s so worth the effort! 

Side Dishes

Perhaps this year it’s time to go simple. Instead of elaborate casseroles and layered vegetable salads consider steaming some fresh green beans or serving hot buttery corn on the cob to go along with the stuffing and potatoes. 

  • Everyone loves and expects stuffing no matter what protein is served. This easy one skillet mushroom cornbread stuffing recipe comes out so crunchy and savory; what’s not to love? 
  • Here’s a cool idea that doesn’t even require a recipe. Set up a mashed potato bar complete with a huge bowl of your favorite mashed potatoes. Then add individual bowls of all the toppings you can imagine…sour cream, bacon bits, cheese, chives, butter, cream cheese, scallions, broccoli and mushrooms. This way everyone can have their potatoes exactly the way they like ‘em. 


For some folks the main course is dessert. So this Thanksgiving make sure your desserts are the hit of the holiday. 

  • A little touch of fall packed with a lot of taste, this pecan, hazelnut, coconut tart also includes a flavorful cinnamon crust. Perfect for a special holiday meal or anytime you want to impress.  
  • A true Southern staple, a chocolate chess pie can be made a day or two in advance, in fact it’s better when allowed to chill and set. Make your own pie crust or use a store bought one. Make your own whipped cream or squirt right out of the can. Both the crust and the whipped cream are simply the supporting cast to the main character: the crunchy top and creamy chocolate center.  

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