Painting a Brick Home-Yes or No?

Refreshing your home’s brick exterior with a couple coats of paint is often a very easy and inexpensive way of breathing new life into a tired dated residence. But there are several things to take into consideration before beginning the process.


  • Just about any type of siding, cedar planking or stone veneer is going to be more expensive than exterior painting.
  • Raw or exposed brick is very porous and over the years will begin to wear down due to Mother Nature. Also, exposure to heat and humidity eventually will cause the natural color of the brick to fade, leaving your home looking dull and lifeless. Painting the brick, if done properly, can help protect against these concerns.
  • A freshly painted brick home can add much needed curb appeal, increase the property value, and if you’re in the market to sell in the near future, possibly give you an edge over unpainted brick homes also for sale in your neighborhood.


  • When selecting a paint color keep in mind dirt, mold and mildew will be more noticeable on a lighter shade. That means regularly scheduled power washings are a must. And in order to keep your painted brick in top-notch shape, experts agree it will need to be repainted every three to five years.
  • The correct type of paint along with a brick primer must be applied in order to help seal the porous nature of the natural brick. If not, moisture can seep into small cracks, chips and crevices causing major damage.
  • Once you paint over brick it is pretty much painted for life. It is very difficult, extremely time consuming, and prohibitively expensive to try to return a painted brick home to its original state.

Bottom line: the majority of brick experts believe it is better in the long run to not paint exterior brick. The risk of trapped moisture causing damage to the existing brick, coupled with the difficulty of restoring the brick back to its natural color, isn’t a smart move.

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