Personalize Your Powder Room

Just because it’s generally the smallest room in your home doesn’t mean it can’t be the boldest. Step out of your comfort zone and let your powder room reflect the wild side of your decorating personality!

  • Start with the ceiling. While most ceilings are painted to fade into the background, go bold in the powder room by wallpapering, installing a textural element such as tin or fabric, or selecting a paint color that screams “look at me, I’m fabulous!”
  • Because of the small square footage consider wall textures outside your price range. The price per SF may be higher but the amount required will be much less. And since powder rooms aren’t subjected to the moisture created by full baths, don’t be afraid to use a material better suited for a living or dining room.
  • Storage usually isn’t critical in a powder room so why not consider a pedestal sink base or even an open vanity? If room for hand towels and extra toilet paper is desired try a traditional furniture piece. Or think outside the box and do something different and unique.
  • Many powder rooms tucked away under a staircase or positioned off a mudroom may require extra lighting. Wall sconces, hanging chandeliers and even table or floor lamps will provide additional illumination while also adding a decorative touch.
  • Function and style go hand in hand when selecting a sink basin, faucet and powder room accessories. Consider a corner sink, a floating vanity or select a vessel sink constructed from glass, marble or copper. Let aesthetics play a role in your faucet decision; from single handle goose neck to a freestanding swan neck, the choices are endless. Select your style, then your finish and get ready for rave reviews. Mirrors, rugs, hardware and wall décor can complement or contrast…the choice is all yours.

Have the perfect remodel in mind for that outdated powder room? We are ready to help turn your drab into fab. Call us today at 864-326-2640 or connect with us online. Closing Contractor is licensed, bonded and we include a one year warranty on all completed projects.

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