Plant Fall Bulbs Now for Spring Color

Fall is here and it’s the perfect time for planting bulbs! Bulbs are great for homeowners who want a yard full of color without a lot of upkeep. Begin by selecting an area with good sun and well-draining soil. Beds that become waterlogged may cause the bulbs to rot, making it imperative the soil is well aerated. The majority of bulbs do not need to be divided for several years so go ahead and do all necessary soil work before planting. Till or hand spade the dirt making sure to pick up loose debris including sticks and rocks; then work in soil additives such as fertilizer, bone meal, seasoned chicken manure or earthworm casings.

Now that the ground work is complete don’t waste all your hard work by planting inferior bulbs. Select high quality bulbs that are firm, plumb and big; the bigger the bulb the more blooms. Read the package instructions beforehand as different bulbs require a different planting depth. Remember to always plant pointy side up. Don’t make the bulbs work any harder than necessary once they begin to push their way out of the dirt. After planting, covering and watering, protect the entire bed from temperature fluctuations with a thin layer of mulch, straw or leaves.

In addition to the wide variety of types, colors and sizes, bulbs are also very low maintenance. Once the weather warms up and you begin seeing signs of the bulbs emerging, remove any remaining ground covering. Unless there is a prolonged period with no rain, you shouldn’t even have to water. Just sit back and enjoy the colors! Then once the blooms begin to fade, apply a good general use fertilizer and begin removing the spent flower heads. Do not cut the stalks to the ground until the green turns to brown.

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