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Frequently getting that final punch list completed is one of the most frustrating tasks in any type of home construction, remodel or repair. The majority of contractors and their sub-contractors have already been paid, removing the financial incentive. More than likely they have already scheduled another job, reducing any available manpower with which to finish your punch list items. So what are your options? You could continue to call, text and email the contractors, getting more frustrated as you are ignored; or you could save time, money and aggravation by giving Closing Contractor a call.

When beginning the process of selling your home often your Realtor will provide a punch list of recommended upgrades which can affect the listing price. They may also give you a list of repairs which came to light from the property disclosures or will become obvious during a home inspection. While you may consider the upgrades frivolous, it is important to remember you only get one chance to make a good first impression on a potential homebuyer. Your home is a marketable commodity and needs to be in top selling condition before it is listed. Plus, an experienced Realtor can easily recognize problems in advance that may concern both a home inspector and appraiser.

Most punch lists aren’t that challenging. Generally major issues are discovered and corrected before time becomes an issue. It’s the little things that in no way detract from the safety or value of the home that often cause the most problems. By establishing expectations upfront many punch list problems can easily be avoided. We listen to what you feel needs to be done, give our professional opinion on the parameter of work requested, determine a realistic timeline and reasonable cost for the project.

Closing Contractor specializes in all types of home repairs from roof to basement. No job is too small and we pride ourselves on coming in on time and on budget. Whether you are purchasing a new home, selling your current property or just finished building your forever home and can’t get those last punch items completed, connect with Closing Contractor today to get the job done.

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