Ready Your Yard for Cooler Weather

Spending a couple of hours now preparing your yard for the upcoming colder temperatures will keep your lawn healthy and practically guarantee a spectacular spring!

  • Just because the grass isn’t growing as fast now as in the middle of July doesn’t mean it’s time to stop mowing. Continuing to mow when the grass isn’t as tall allows sunlight to reach the crown of the grass. The sunlight provides energy to the root system, which in turn produces chlorophyll, the chemical structure which makes grass green and reduces the browning so often seen during colder months.
  • After that final mowing now it’s time to get rid of those annoying weeds. Apply a good earth-friendly herbicide. Let it work its magic during the winter and enjoy a dandelion free spring.
  • Next grab a bag of lawn repair grass seed and a garden rake. Walk the yard filling in any bare spots by gently loosening the soil, applying a generous layer of seed and watering thoroughly. If no rain is forecasted continue to water every other day for the next several weeks.
  • Finally, finish off all your hard work with a generous application of fertilizer. Though actual grass blades don’t grow as rapidly during cooler weather, their roots and rhizomes continue to grow at their normal rate. By applying fertilizer in the fall the rhizomes are getting the necessary nutrients for deep root growth. Fall fertilizing also allows your lawn to build up a reserve of nutrients for the upcoming spring growing season.
  • Lots of leaves? After raking and bagging the majority of your leaves, consider mowing the rest and leaving them as ground cover. This protects new tender grass from frost, ice and snow. Just make sure to remove the bulk of the fallen leaves before mowing or you’ll end up with a wet rotting mess that can cause disease and plant suffocation.

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