Screened Porch Summer Living Tips

Temperatures are beginning to heat up and while most of us spend our days in air conditioned comfort, there are times we just want to breathe clean fresh air. If you are fortunate enough to have a screened porch, this summer make the most of it with these practical summer living tips.

  • Decorate your screened porch so it’s an extension of your home’s living space. If the porch opens off the kitchen consider adding a bistro table and chairs. Now you have the perfect spot to enjoy that early morning coffee, a casual al fresco lunch or relax with a glass of wine after the kids are in bed. French doors lead from the living room onto the porch? Select a comfortable weather resistant patio set featuring a complementing style and color scheme.
  • Depending on the porch’s size, don’t hesitate to add more than one overhead ceiling fan. Or invest in oscillating standing floor fans. The more air that circulates, the better the comfort level.
  • Instead of those rarely ever used overhead ceiling fan lights, consider wall sconces, colorful strand or strip lighting or create the perfect amount of ambiance with decorative table top lamps. Just remember to make sure all lighting selected is safety rated for moisture.
  • Neighbors a little too close for comfort? Install ornamental curtain rods and hang synthetic sheers or drapes for privacy. Not only does the fabric soften the lines of the porch, but the majority of synthetic materials will dry quickly and resist mold and mildew in the case of a torrential blowing downpour. Plus, if your porch bears the brunt of the hot afternoon sun, curtains are a great way of blocking those rays.

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