Spring Outdoor Decorating Hacks

Welcome to Spring! It’s time to get ready for outdoor entertaining with some of this year’s hottest decorating trends!

Outdoor Furniture 

Whether you have a porch, deck, patio or balcony, don’t waste a square inch of that valuable relaxing and entertaining real estate. Make it an extension of your home’s interior and maximum your outdoor living space by adding stylish and comfortable outdoor furniture. If space allows, include both a patio dining table and chairs and an outdoor sofa set. Limited square footage? Forgo the oversized table and chairs and opt for a round bistro table with foldup seating. Ditch plans for that large rattan sectional and install a smaller loveseat and club chair. Then personalize your space by adding homey accessories. 

Gas Fire Table 

Love the idea of a fire pit but without all the work of starting and tending to the fire? Then check out a gas fire table. Controlled by an electronic ignition switch, gas fire tables can be operated with the flick of a button, much like an outdoor gas grill or interior gas fireplace. Depending on the table, a permanent propane or natural gas line hookup may be possible, while some models have storage space for a portable propane tank. 

Gas fire tables can be custom designed with numerous options on everything from size and shape to the type of filler material desired. Mass marketed tables which generally are available only in round, square and rectangular come with several filler material options as well. Colored rocks, artificial logs and twigs or lava glass beads are all popular decorative mediums. 

Custom Lighting

String lighting is pretty much “the sky is the limit” when it comes to flexibility. Design options are only restricted by space and imagination. Simple to install and affordable, it’s easy to see why string lights are super popular no matter the size, shape or location of your outdoor space. 

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other cool options. Of course, a tried-and-true table or floor lamp is always a good choice. Just make sure they are rated for outdoor use. Wall sconces are perfect for that dark corner of a deck, an enclosed exterior stairway, or that remote section of the yard. With the ability to be located anywhere there is vertical space, they are perfect for providing light when installed around the edge of low roof overhang, the sides of a sunken seating space and inside a pergola or gazabo. Wall scones with an open bottom, provide maximum illumination for safety, plus these creatively designed fixtures produce an exciting nighttime focal point. 

Need assistance installing your new gas fire table, hanging those string or rope lights, or perhaps you’re searching for a South Carolina licensed general contractor to help create the outdoor living space of your dreams; then give Closing Contractor  a call today at 864-326-2640 or fill out our convenient online form to schedule an appointment. Closing Contactor: here for all your home maintenance and remodeling needs. 

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