Summer HVAC Maintenance Tips

Looks like this year we went from winter directly to summer, completely skipping spring. So you better hurry to make sure your HVAC is in good working order before it gets any warmer. 

  • Invest in a good filter. While a paper filter will do the job, the new metal high-efficiency pleated filters include an electrostatic charge which acts like a magnet to attract even the smallest airborne particles. These filters are permanent and only need to be removed, rinsed off, and then reinstalled, unlike traditional paper filters that must be replaced on a regular basis. 
  • When the temperature and humidity is high, if you have pets, or you frequently open your windows, get in the habit of checking your filter weekly. You always want a clean filter for maximum efficiency. Not only does a clean filter help rid the air of harmful bacteria, it also puts less strain on the entire HVAC system.

Wipe down all interior vents, grills and registers. This should be done weekly in order to help keep the ducts themselves clean and to keep dust from entering the system.

  • Check the exterior condenser and/or compressor to make sure there is at least two feet of clearance around the entire unit. This allows for proper air flow and works to keep the unit from overheating. Remove leaves, grass clippings and other yard debris from around the outside of the unit.  
  • The metal grill work located on the outside of your HVAC system is called compressor fins. These fins are an essential part of the system as their main function is to help heat quickly disperse away from the condenser. Using a soft brush vacuum attachment carefully clean the fins. Keep in mind they can easily be crushed so vacuum lightly. Then if you feel sufficiently handy, turn off the power to the system, unscrew the top grille, remove the fan, and clean the inside of the unit.
  • While you work hard to make sure your HVAC system is in tip top condition, it is always recommended to schedule bi-annual HVAC inspections with a professional licensed technician. They can detect and correct potential problems which down the road could cause costly repairs. 

Ready for your spring check-up? Give Closing Contractor a call today at 864-326-2640 to schedule your appointment. We are practicing social distancing on all our service calls and if you prefer, will handle as much as possible over the phone or online. 

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