Time to Get Those Spring Flowers Planted

Everyone is excited for the spring planting season. So why wait? Use the helpful tips listed below to get your yard in shape and discover three plants that grow well in the Upstate South Carolina spring and summer heat. 

Preparing Your Yard 

  • Begin by getting your yard, flowerbeds and vegetable garden space cleaned up and ready to go. Police all the spaces, gathering up and disposing of fallen leaves, broken twigs and sticks, leftover acorns and any other loose debris. If you have a compost bin, brown yard waste is a great source of the carbon-rich material all compost bins require in order for it to “cook.” 
  • Early spring fertilizer should be applied before the weather gets too warm. Most experts agree the best time is right before the first mowing of the year. This is when the grass is actively beginning to grow and turn green after a period of cold weather dormancy. 
  • Now is also a great time to apply a pre-emergent weed preventative. This type of product won’t kill mature weeds, or even seeds, but it does kill the weeds as they emerge from the seedlings, taking away the opportunity for these weeds to germinate. Pre-emergent weed control is also a great way to control crabgrass. 

Popular Favorites

  • The colors! The smells! The different varieties! You just can’t go wrong with roses. And growing them in the Upstate is pretty easy especially if you have a nice sunny yard. Roses like lots of sun, though they do prefer morning sun as it dries out the overnight dew, helping to ward off moisture based diseases. Roses do require a bit of care to keep them pest and disease free but the end result is worth the effort. 
  • South Carolina has a wide variety of indigenous plants that shouldn’t be overlooked. Indian Pink indigo is a woodland wildflower perennial that also likes full sun, is drought tolerant and is a natural attraction for butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.  
  • Nothing says summer like Marigolds. They come in a wide variety of oranges and yellows, are easy to grow and are super versatile planted everywhere from a walkway border to decorative pots. They can be started from seeds or young plants. Marigolds tolerate full sun, don’t require deadheading, and aren’t picky about the type of soil they are planted in, though like most plants, they do best in fertile well draining dirt.  
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