Tips for Getting your HVAC System Winter Ready

With temps still in the mid to low 80’s now is the best time to schedule your HVAC service before that first cool morning arrives. Seasonal preventative maintenance can easily save your family from waiting in a cold house for service by discovering and correcting potential problems in advance. Plus, these five handy HVAC tips you can easily do yourself to help keep your system running at peak performance year round.

  • Clean or change the HVAC filters on a regular basis. While dirty filters may not actually damage your system, they can cause it to work harder, reducing the life of the unit. Dirty filters can also translate into higher monthly energy costs.
  • Trim bushes and shrubs planted around the outside unit. Remove falling leaves from the top and sides of the compressor. HVAC units require proper air circulation to operate at maximum efficiency. General rule of thumb is at least two feet of clearance around the entire unit.
  • Check ductwork and vents for leaks. Climb in the crawlspace while the system is running and listen for escaped air. Use a flashlight and visually inspect the ductwork for gaps, tears or holes.
  • Help your heating and cooling system run more efficiently by opening the drapes and letting Mother Nature warm your home during the daylight hours. This will keep the system from constantly running and reduce your power bill. Don’t forget to change the blade rotation on your ceiling fans to help circulate the warmer air.
  • If you have a gas furnace or regularly use a gas or wood burning fireplace, ensure your carbon monoxide detector is functionally properly along with all smoke detectors.

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