Top Five Home Storage Hacks

The buzzwords for 2017 seemed to center around downsizing, reorganizing and becoming clutter-free. And if the number of new storage facilities is any indication, Greenvillians are taking those words to heart. But do you really want to spend money on storing things that you have to drive to go get? These easy storage tips will help keep your worldly possessions neat, tidy and within easy reach.

  1. Walk into any of your home’s closets and look up. How much wasted space do you see? Add adjustable shelving and use this extra real estate to store items rarely used such as holiday decorations, extra bedding and seasonal home décor.
  2. Don’t let a small kitchen ruin your day. Turn empty wall space into convenient storage by installing a simple sheet of pegboard. Then use decorative wicker and metal baskets to hold everything from produce to kitchen utensils and even cleaning supplies.
  3. Purchase a few hanging plastic shoe organizers and think outside the box. Hang inside a bedroom closet and use for scarves, socks and gloves. Hang in a bathroom and use to organize makeup and personal care products. Hang in a kitchen pantry and use to keep track of sauce and seasoning packets, pudding boxes or as a convenient place for after school snacks.
  4. In the market for new furniture? Consider pieces that do double duty. Choose a coffee table with drawers or an ottoman with a lid that opens to storage inside. Or get creative and use what you have on hand. For example: add wooden peg legs to a small cedar chest and you have the perfect bedside nightstand.
  5. A used armoire is a great versatile yard sale find. Repaint or stain, add shelf paper and door hooks. Use in the kitchen as a freestanding pantry or in the dining room to hold extra place settings, table linens and serving dishes. Place in a hallway or bathroom for storing bed and bath linens, bulk paper goods and extra personal care items.

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