Ugh! My Garbage Disposal Stinks!

Walking into your kitchen a faint unpleasant odor fills your nostrils. You check all the usual suspects. Not the garbage can. Nothing left in the microwave. No dishes in the sink; but that’s where the odor is the strongest. You get closer, take a sniff and there it is…the garbage disposal stinks! Don’t worry; we have the tips to get that disposal odor under control.

  • Frequently when there is a garbage disposal smell the culprit is a clog of rotting food. Begin by turning off the circuit breaker to the disposal and then carefully remove the rubber collar. NEVER STICK YOUR HAND DOWN THE DISPOSAL! Grab a flashlight and see if there is a clog or blockage. If so, take pliers, tongs or long-handle tweezers and remove it. Replace the collar, turn the breaker back on and run cold water through the disposal to help flush away any remaining food particles.
  • Ice is a great way of removing stubborn disposal odors. Plus it also helps sharpen and clean the blades. Use the back of a serving spoon to push a handful of ice cubes down into the disposal followed by a half cup of coarse salt. Turn the disposal on and let it run until the ice and salt are gone.
  • Baking soda and vinegar are super garbage disposal odor busters. White distilled vinegar heated in the microwave, plus baking soda poured in the disposal and allowed to sit, will work wonders. Just remember to give the disposal a good hot water rinse to help remove any loose food particles.
  • Try cutting up a couple of lemons and slowly feed them one at a time into the disposal while it is running. Again, remember-NEVER STICK YOUR HAND INTO THE DISPOSAL! No lemons? Use orange or grapefruit peels.
  • Don’t forget to clean all visible parts of the disposal where it attaches to the sink basin. Use a scrubber sponge or wand scrubber and liquid dish soap and pay close attention to the flange rim. If necessary use a toothpick to clean any remaining guck from the rim grooves.

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