Why are Doorless Showers so Popular?

After the introduction of indoor plumbing, bathtubs became fairly standard. Then a shower was added, and a curtain to contain the water. Curtains gave way to glass and plastic bathtub doors, which eventually fell out of favor for a number of reasons, the most common, because they were difficult to clean and harbored mold, mildew and bacteria. Once again, the simple shower/bathtub curtain was called into duty.

While there are many different theories as to when doorless showers, also known as walk-in showers, became a hot design feature, there is no discounting the fact this is a feature with so many advantages, it’s surprising it’s taken this long to become popular. 

  • There is no shower curtain or shower doors to try to keep clean and mildew free. 
  • Doorless showers are custom designed for each bathroom allowing for a wide range of options, including built-in seating, niches for personal care products and multiple shower heads and jets. 
  • Most doorless showers include either a low or zero threshold making it great for those homeowners wanting to age in place. 
  • A doorless shower brings a sense of openness to the bathroom. And as the majority of bathrooms are square foot challenged, this is a definite plus. 
  • Not having the proper amount of lighting is often a problem when using a traditional tub/shower combination with a shower curtain. Since you are creating the new shower space extra lighting can be added to your specifications. So many new waterproof lighting fixtures are now available, you can easily include flush mounted, recessed adjustable, linear strip, niche spotlight, or even a wall mounted rainfall shower head complete with LED lights available in a variety of bulb colors. 

Like everything in life nothing is completely perfect. So, it’s only fair to include a list of some of the most common disadvantages of ditching the shower door. 

  • In a small bath where temperature control is a problem a doorless shower is great in the summer but may get a bit chilly when the temps are dropping. To combat this consider adding radiant floor heat, heated towel racks and infrared heat lighting. 
  • Depending on your design you many end up with a lack of privacy. Some doorless showers, also know as open showers, are designed to be completely open on one side, while others may include a pony wall. The best layout is a shower with four complete walls and a large open entry point. Unfortunately, for the shower head to be located far enough away from the entrance to avoid water from spraying out, more overall square footage will be needed. 
  • Ventilation is more important with a doorless shower than a traditional tub/shower combo since there is no curtain or door to trap the excess moisture and allow it to evaporate or drain away. Proper ventilation will help combat mold and mildew growth and overall makes showering a more pleasant experience. 

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