Window Replacement: Is It Really Necessary?

Turn on the television any hour, in any town, and you’re bound to see a commercial for window replacement. From local Mom & Pop businesses to nationwide franchises, all these companies would have you believe your current windows are costing you a fortune in energy costs, letting all kinds of nasty insects and bugs in, and are in such bad shape criminals are lining up to break in through the flimsy sashes and cracked panes!

Typical window replacement these days includes tearing out the entire frame and glass and then installing a one piece, usually vinyl clad, unit. And while they are attractive and easily tilt out to clean, they aren’t cheap and you can quickly spend thousands of dollars. Then add to that the environmental cost and concerns of disposing of the old windows and the manufacturing of the vinyl.

When considering window replacement the age of the home and the windows need to be factored in. Homes constructed or remodeled before 1978 were probably painted with lead-based paint. The opening and shutting of the windows can release harmful lead dust and it may be prudent to replace the entire unit. But don’t forget the aesthetics of new windows. Depending on your home’s style, new windows could end up sticking out like a sore thumb. Though if the window frame itself is warped, broken, rotten or jammed it may be necessary to replace it and probably would warrant using an experienced craftsman or contractor, not a one-size-color-material fits all company.

Perhaps your frames are still in good shape but the glass itself is fogged, loose in the frame or has hairline cracks. Save yourself a bundle and just have the glass replaced. Home glass replacement is simple, less expensive, and offers lots of options including double or triple pane insulated glass units, decorative and security tinting, and frosted or etched glass for privacy.

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